The Top Industry Techniques and Tips for Sewing with Beaded Fabrics

Preparing And Cutting A Beaded Fabric 

Preparing And Cutting A Beaded Fabric 

Preparing A Beaded Fabric for Sewing

 The Ultimate Way For Sewing A Beaded Fabric

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The Secret Materials Guide

for making beaded garments

In this video Jehan Mir, the leading couturier behind red-carpet dresses, reveals Industry Secrets and recommendations about the tools and materials to make the perfect beaded garment.Watch to start creating Magical beaded garments using the ultimate tools, and discover those little 'Hacks' that changed everything in her work. 


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Jehan Mir is a Leading Couturier Behind Iconic 6 Figure Dresses.. Jehan in the various Top Positions she has filled throughout her career, working with some of The Most Reputable Fashion Houses in this industry, such as Alexander McQueen, Gucci, Ralph & Russo, Christopher Kane, Elizabeth Emanuel, Victoria Beckham, Vera Wang…. And many others. PLUS, owning her own fashion house making Iconic beaded gowns for A-list clients, Top Celebrities, and Overseas Royalty. Revealing in this Masterclass her best practice and best-kept secrets to sewing with beaded fabrics with confidence, and achieving the highest results with minimum struggles.

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Got a couture lover bestie? Hit the 'Share' button to share about the Free Masterclass with your friends on Facebook to help them take their skills to the next level.

Don’t worry — you can see the post before sharing it.


It's time to be crystal clear on the process of creating couture beaded gowns (or any couture gown) for clients, and stop wasting your best years, and tones of money, on trials and errors and painful mistakes in couture-making. 




The ultimate online couture program for sewing beginners and advanced dressmakers who want to transform their couture skills &break into the bridal and evening dress world LIKE A PRO 

Confidently work with bespoke high-paying clients and grow a thriving 7-FIGURE couture business.

Sewing with beaded fabrics, the #1 most demanded fabric in today's high fashion industry, is a success blocker for almost any dressmaker. What if you could remove this one major block to your success in the bridal and evening dress world Today.. become an EXPERT in making highly sought-after beaded gowns. Save years of struggles, boost your confidence and start getting a new and steady flow of high-paying clients? 

But here is something better.. what if instead, you get an opportunity to remove not only this succuss block but to break through all the couture-making barriers. And gain the perfect &finest set of skills and confidence you need to break into the bridal and evening dress world LIKE A PRO? Without spending years, on finding the golden methods of working with high-paying clients while you are CONFIDENCE, Efficient and Calm, and your clients are truly HAPPY.


The GHF Couture Master Program is your opportunity to transform your couture future by learning from the women behind 6-figure red carpet gowns the golden way to

handle the entire journey with your high-paying bespoke client,

from accepting her in your atelier for the first time, understanding her needs, easily gaining her trust and CLOSE THE DEAL. 

To learning the golden and painless methods to sew a luxurious custom beaded gown with a transparent corset to The Highest Standard (from inside and out), and that is perfectly custom-made to her body shape and measurements. From start to end. 

With The Step-by-step format of this Couture-Making Mastery's comprehensive course, you will learn all the exact couture techniques used by the biggest haute couture houses in the world, which will give you precision and time saving, and discover the best-kept secrets known by a few top couturiers only). You'll be able to implement all the techniques learned, not only for beaded gowns projects but for any other couture project. 

With the skills and confidence, you will get in this Master Course, be prepared to work with high-paying clients, easily gain their trust, charge AS HIGH AS YOU DESERVE. And finally move your focus from sewing troubles to growing your collection, client base, and business exponentially.




The average dressmaker spends 10-20 years on trials and errors (at least)..

Whether you’re just starting out with sewing or you’ve been at the dressmaking thing for a while, and even if you have a decent experience in couture-making: Are you here because you want to break into the bridal and evening dress world, where the real money is, and not sure what it takes or where to start? 

Do you want to spend your next 20 years on trials and errors in the way of figuring this out, and experience ongoing daily work struggles, like most of the dressmakers? Just because you don't know how to remove all the couture successes blocks that stop you from thriving?

The mistakes that many seamstresses and fashion designers do: 

(either those who learned in academy or self-learners)

  • They try to go from making basic ready-to-wear garments to making couture garments using the same techniques.
  • To overcome their lack of the required couture skills, they might be spending time learning from YouTube videos, reading some books, and then, try to put all the pieces together, but failing to turn it into a proven full system they can work with. And, they are left with many questions.
  • Or worse they don't invest the time on improving their skills at all and keep using the same improper working method and techniques on autopilot.

the results?

  • They are stuck in the cycle of struggles.. for years.
    They are wasting hours and hours on a daily basis on sewing problems and troubles, which costs them lots of time and money.. yet, unable to get the results they want.
  • They don't have the confidence in their ability to deliver their client the gown she desires, at high standards. Therefore, they are unable to gain their client's trust and close the deal.
  • They charge too low due to their lack of confidence or the hope for more clients, but barely end the month because projects take too long and the prices they charge don't worth their time. And they don't have the time either for more clients to increase revenue.
  • They are handling the process with the client in an ineffective way, and working very long hours which makes those projects don't pay off. 
  • They either deliver poor quality ending up with unhappy clients, or they have 0 clients. 2 things that are a growth killer for a couture business. 

Going on this path, they are not able to grow their business to where they really want it to be, and enjoy the REAL financial freedom this world has to offer. 

What if it doesn't have to be your story? And you can skip this painful and very costly experience and remove all the barriers to success in couture-making in a much shorter time?

And without all these struggles?

Do it today, and jump straight to the point where you can handle a successful couture business.

If you are a sewing newbie, it is a perfect time. If you have experience and you are ready to scale- it is never too late. You don't have to spend the next 20 years on trials and errors just to figure that out.

This Master course will walk you through the golden way to couture-making success. Step-by-Step. It's time NOW to get started!

Introducing, Making The Perfect Beaded Gown Master Course.


Comprehensive Couture Making course by GHF

With a transparent corset

A step-by-step Online Master Course for both beginners and advanced dressmakers with the passion and desire to break into the evening & bridal dress world like a Pro. Including all the industry top sewing techniques and proven working methods for bridal and evening wear.


Unlock your way to success with industry Secrets from The Leader Couturier who has made Iconic Luxurious Gowns for Red Carpets & Celebrities.

"Taking this course was the best decision I have ever made!!! This course teaches you Everything you need to know as a dressmaker and it is the most detailed course I have ever seen. You really learn how to make couture to the HIGHEST standards.

After completing this course, I am 100% confident and ready to accept high-paying clients. Whether you are a beginner fashion designer or experienced fashion designer, this course will take you to the next level."

Allyson Melody Peters

Fashion designer

Imagine yourself, one year from today, the owner of a successful couture atelier that brings you a steady flow of high-paying clients.

You are easily gaining the trust of every bespoke client that is stepping in your door, understand exactly her needs, and are confident in your couture sewing skills to create her a custom luxury gown to the highest standards.

Your sewing process is systematic and clear, without lots of struggles, lots of time wasting on solving problems, and lots of pain involves in the way to achieving her the perfect fit.

You deliver your client her dream dress that fits her like a glove, and you are absolutely proud of the results. And she is? happy to the moon, ready to call her future bride friends that will say 'yes to your dresses'! Imagine what will happen with your dreams and business.


FROM WORKING with The Top Fashion Houses and The Most Prestigious Haute Couture Houses in The World such as Alexander McQueen, Gucci, Ralph & Russo, Vera Wang and many others… TO making Iconic Evening and Bridal Wear with the finest techniques for Celebrities, Royals and VIP Clients to the Highest Standard.

Jehan Mir

The Couturier Behind Iconic 6 Figure Dresses

She started as a passionate fashion entrepreneur with the goal in mind to achieve the perfect fit of a bespoke garment, as she well understood that this can make every client feel Confident & Alluring.

Jehan was fortunate enough to use her mother's seamstress skills who taught her from a very young age to make her own clothes. Later, she honed her skills at the prestigious London College of Fashion, and continued and mastered her skills while working for British bridal boutiques.

Since then Jehan has established her own Fashion House 'Jehan Couture’; She has made couture garments that are PERFECTLY shaped and fitted to compliment the individual style, colouring and personality of the person it is designed and made for.

And today, 20+ years later, her resume has become like an 'A-list' of Famous Haute Couture Houses, Overseas Royalty, Aristocrats, Top Celebrities, as well as Industry Moguls, who she has made luxury dresses for IN THE HIGHEST STANDARD

In the various Top Position she has filled throughout her career, including: Senior Couturier, Tailor & fitter, Atelier Manager, Creative Pattern cutter and more, at some of The Most Reputable Fashion Houses in this industry, such as Alexander McQueen, Gucci, Ralph & Russo, Christopher Kane, Elizabeth Emanuel, Victoria Beckham, Vera Wang…. And many more.

She has gained a strong knowledge of design, pattern cutting and garment construction, needed for Making bespoke bridal and evening wear from scratch. Specialized in working with different kinds of fabrics including Appliqué, beading, embellishment and embroidery. And developed a perfect understanding of how clothes should fit the body, accommodating people of all shapes and sizes to satisfy their needs.
With all these skills she's created the finest couture gowns in the highest standards requested by Hollywood celebrities, royalties and A-list clients 

"This course gave me all the insights and everything I needed to make
custom dresses for bespoke clients as perfect as they can be.. are getting first hand knowledge from a designer who has done it all.."

Shawna Marino, Wedding and Bridal designer at Shawna Marino M Designs

"Throughout my career as a couturier, I have had fashion design students ask to intern with me. They’d help in all parts of my business; from sewing, drafting and cutting patterns to the running of the business. I discovered that my interns loved my style and approach to teaching, and they all said they had learned more from me than from anyone else. Since then I have taught some individuals and I found it very rewarding to help people to realise their fashion dreams. I have so much experience and knowledge to offer. I want to help people to create their fashion dreams, and/or become the next big fashion house..."

Jehan Mir

The Gown Taught In The Course

Over the years, working with top fashion designers and professionals in the high-fashion industry.... Jehan has noticed a few major issues that many dressmakers are struggling with. Some that even her fellow dressmaker colleagues struggled with as well...

So let's talk about those major mysterious success blocks in couture making..

Transforming Into A Couture Master

What does it really take to break into the bridal and evening dress world and professionally work with high-paying clients?

By the End of This Program, You'll Have Removed all these major success blocks:



Understanding the characteristics and feel of different fabrics, their qualities, and how they behave, is key. This will allow you to choose the proper techniques when working with a certain type of fabric, and give it special attention if needed, to achieve the perfect results and minimum complications.

It may be a frustrating process if you don't understand the fabric you work with. For that reason, many dressmakers that lack these skills feel intimidated by certain fabrics and choose to stay away from them. Or, they try to apply the same everyday techniques that are not suitable for these fabrics and run into many problems. 

This happens especially with delicate fabrics, while the no.#1 most intimidating fabric in the couture industry is a beaded fabric. (Which is also one of the most sought-after fabrics and is so widely used in the couture industry).

In this Couture Master Course, unlike any other couture course available, we chose to focus on beaded fabrics and go deeply into how these fabrics behave, what are their quality, how they are created, what are the finest and different techniques to work with them, and how to achieve the highest results.

Learning how to work with this kind of delicate fabric properly, will help you to better understand how any other delicate fabrics behave and the confidence to try different fabrics and understand them much quicker. It is just like learning to drive on a manual car. Once you know it, driving on an automated car is so easy.

Say Goodbye to your unnecessary fear of beaded fabrics and hello to your new expertise.



Couture sewing techniques are the techniques that are used to create garments that are custom cut, created, and fitted to suit a particular individual. The process involves numerous steps, special skills, and extreme attention to detail.

Unlike basic sewing techniques, during the construction process of a couture garment, a lot of the sewing is done by hand. 

With hand stitching, you can control the construction of your garment more precisely, go into areas that are narrow or difficult to get into by a sewing machine. And if hand stitches must be removed, it is less likely to damage your fabric than machine stitches. 

Therefore, hand sewing skills are required, and even unavoidable, in couture making for getting prestigious results. However, only that alone, could be a huge barrier for many dressmakers that are intimidated by hand sewing. Despite the widespread perception, The Art of hand sewing is fascinating, and it doesn't have to be scary. Actually, a little secret, most of the couturiers would prefer hand sewing over using a machine. 

In this Master Course, you will find out exactly why. We will dive into the 5 main couture stitches: back-stitch, slip stitch, Pintuck stitch, Cross stitch, Whip-stitch. And many other hand stitches. And during the entire course, Jehan will dive with you deeply into couture sewing. By the end of the course, and with little practice, you will become a Master.

Moreover, we will dive into different couture sewing techniques needed to construct a couture gown, in a step-by-step format. Keep reading to learn more about it.



(from inside and out)

Have you spent hours and hours trying to make a couture gown? Failed to understand how it is constructed?

Using a beautiful beaded gown as a template, Jehan Mir, will show you step-by-step the high couture way to construct a couture gown.

Say hello to taking THE RIGHT &ACCURATE measurements of your client with Confidence. and to your new skills of choosing the proper tools, equipment, and materials for efficient, high-quality work. 

Know exactly how to prepare, iron, mark, add seam allowances &cut your fabrics for sewing, no more fabric wastage, no more inaccurate results.

All the way to stitching the gown including all the couture sewing techniques involved in the process. You will discover about every choice and detail: seams, structured sleeves, zippers, facings, linings, interfacings, closures, hems, and more.

Say “goodbye” to stitching a gown without knowing how to finish it, you will discover the exact couture techniques of finishing your gown to the highest standard. And so much more.

Jehan's understanding of gowns construction is outstanding. She is going to share with you her-best kept secrets that will take you from being overwhelmed by the process, to become a MASTER in handling your sewing projects with speed, accuracy, and with the ability to efficiency deal with any issue on the way. And it's exactly what you need to become successful.



Mastering your corset-making skills is your entry ticket to the bridal and evening dress world. Period.

Corsets are the base of almost every bridal and evening gown, and they can also be worn as pieces of art items. Corsets are worn to enhance the silhouette, curves, shapes, and women's body structure. And they are all about making your client feel sexy, beautiful, and confident on her special event.

Making a corset is not as difficult as it might seem, and you don't have to be an expert sewist to make a corset. However, to make a real couture corset, special skills and techniques are required to achieve the finest results which the couture world demands. 

The problem that Many dressmakers who don't specialize in couture corset-making have:

  • They don't truly understand the inner and outer construction of couture corsets.
  • They get so confused by the boning thing and what is really needed to create a structured corset.
  • They don't know how to achieve a corset that has a natural bust curve. 
  • They struggle to make corsets that are not only Perfectly Fitted to the client's body and give the support, and the perfect waist curve they are intended to give but also corsets that will be so comfortable on the body that their client will not feel like she is wearing a corset.
  • When it comes to constructing a transparent corset which is highly demanded, they are dealing with a great challenge as all the internal structure had to be rethought.

Walking you through the entire process of making a REAL couture transparent corset exactly as they are made in the most reputable Haute Couture houses In The World, from start to finish. You will not deal with any of those struggles.

From the secret materials guide used to create top-quality couture corsets to learning everything about the inner and outer corset construction, sewing techniques, boning, zip customization and implementation, corset bra making, fastening techniques, corset trimmings and so much more.

Jehan will show you how to make the corset from start to finish, and will dive in deep with you every step of the way. Moreover, she will be revealing all her best-kept secrets, and the finest techniques you can choose from to finish your corset to the highest standards. Plus, you will learn how to make a full corset bodysuit and how to attach it to your dress. All the techniques learned can be applied to any type of corset.

With the finest and straightforward techniques you will learn in this Master Course, you'll be able to create bespoke (custom-made) corsets for your clients that will look and feel like a luxurious second skin. Even if it's your very first time creating a corset.



And Your Journey With Her

Having the skills and confidence to construct a couture gown to the highest standards is one thing, 

But making it for a bespoke client who has dreams, desires, and mainly misconception about the process is another story. 

 And it is not an easy task.

Knowing how to deal with a client, be fully confident, perfectly understanding her needs, her body shape, and every step in the journey with her till you deliver her A dream gown that is perfectly fitted to her body, will help you to:

  • Achieve the exact gown she wants
  • Easily gaining her trust
  • Close almost any deal
  • Handling the project in an efficient way - that will save you and your client a lot of time and money
  • Get an extremely happy client that will run to tell her friends about you

This is your way to win this game and take your couture business to highly new levels.

This Master Course is the ONLY program that will walk you through the entire journey with your bespoke client, from the moment she is stepping in your atelier, till you deliver her the perfectly fitted gown. Be ready to start working with high-paying clients professionally &with FULL OF CONFIDENCE, and grow your business exponentially.


And possibly the greatest problem dressmakers run into is... achieving the perfect fit.


Dressing an individual client in her custom gown is all about creating a dress that is perfectly fitted to her measurements and body shape.

The problem is, this does not come easy, And it actually can be VERY frustrating when you don't follow a Proven System.

And while this process can be challenging, there is one common misconception leading many dressmakers to believe that getting a perfect fit involves just altering your standard pattern.

While altering the pattern is key, it doesn’t suffice. Vital steps are required to create a gown that is designed exactly to your client’s measurements. but not only that..

..EVERY single step in the process with your bespoke client requires the knowledge and techniques to make sure you are not disrupting your fitting. Things which many dressmakers, even experienced, don’t take into consideration. They invest the time needed to alter their pattern perfectly, but then make so many mistakes during the dressmaking process. As a result, they find themselves back in the cycle of making multiple adjustments, which comes with lots of frustration. Worst case, these mistakes can require a complete re-make.

Throughout this course, you will learn the Golden Way of making gowns that fit LIKE A GLOVE.We will dive into all the steps needed to achieve the perfect fit for your next bespoke client, saving you from all those trial and errors, and those painful mistakes that can end up costing you tons of time, money, and frustration.

With her 20+ years of experience, making custom haute couture dresses, Jehan created a painless method to follow that will result in a dress that's a perfect fit for your client's body and shape. After following Jehan’s easy-to-follow process, you’ll forever find it effortless to make every gown you sew fit your client’s body and shape.

Now Is The Time To Master
Your Skills- For You As A Professional Dressmaker, And For Growing A Successful
Business And Bring
It To Where You Always
Wanted It To Be..


Couture Sewing to The Highest Standard 

Now is the time to learn the industry techniques and tricks which meet the quality standard of top Haute Couture houses in the world to finally make the perfect gowns- no more frustration .

Not only that, but also discover the techniques which eliminate any fear of working with delicate fabrics such as beaded tulles, which are so commonly used in the couture world, and just elevate any simple dress, 

you can't afford not knowing how to perfectly work with them. 

Now after years of being a leading couturier and expert… & with her big passion to start teaching, Jehan Mir has worked with us here at Glam House Fabrics and taken everything she’s learned, developed, and perfected…
...and captured it ALL into one of the most in-depth, unique Couture-making course we’ve ever seen or put together!


Making of The Perfect Beaded Gown Couture Master Course

Master couture-making Experience





Introduction And Materials Needed 

Theoretical lessons about haute couture and bridal dresses making, beaded dresses making. AND The secret recommendation guide for the perfect and most useful materials, tools and equipment you need for creating the highest quality dress and corset. Find everything you have always wanted to know about the right materials to work with, their qualities & where to find them.


Sewing Basics

Whether you are a professional or a beginner, getting the basic techniques, tips and secrets to approve your basic sewing skills can be a GOLD.
(Threading sewing machine, tips for sewing straight lines like a professional, what to do when the machine 'eats' the fabric, what is the right stitch length and type to use for different fabrics and more. Also, Jehan will give you tips about sewing smooth fabrics, so No more dealing with 'fabric slip' situations and not knowing what to do).
In this course you are also learning the 5 main hand stitches which are the most used in couture (Back stitch, Slip stitch, Pintuck stitch, Cross stitch, Whip stitch)- and SO MUCH MORE about hand sewing.

Hand sewing skills are required in couture making for prestigious results.
And we promise you, by the end of this course, and with some practice, you will become an EXPERT and CONFIDENT in your ability to get luxurious hand stitches and finishes with such an ease, which your client would LOVE you for. At the end of this course, hand sewing will Never Ever Again be an intimidating task. (Warning: you might even fall in love with hand sewing more than you love your machine) 


Everything about digital patterns

The world is moving fast, dealing with digital patterns will be your everyday task when working in the fashion industry. Learn exactly how to print digital patterns, how to easily and properly attach them together and have the absolute understanding about these patterns. Plus, have you ever printed a digital pattern and reprint it again and again, EVERY TIME to get a new size? Tracing is a great technique learned in this course, which allows you to keep your original pattern as your “template”, and create the garment in multiple sizes using the same template. No more paper waste! From now on, you will use the tracing method which you will learn in this course to get the pattern in your size without the need of printing it again. Also In This Module- how to altern your pattern to a sleeveless dress or a mini dress, making changes to the dress split, collar and more.



How to close the deal? How much should I charge? How much time in advance to take the order? How much to charge in advance? What is a Bespoke client form? How many fittings should I offer?? How to take measurements? Calculate fabric consumption??

In this Module, we start your Amazing Journey with the client. Jehan will show you EXACTLY,

- What to do on the first meeting with your client and how to handle the initial consultation. We will discuss EVERYTHING, from the different types of clients, understanding your client's needs, asking the right questions, taking all the information, to close the best deal for you and for your client in the RIGHT PRICE.

- How to take the measurements of a client correctly for the perfect fit, and without feeling uncomfortable with your client. This is maybe the most crucial part to get the perfect fit for your client.

-Plus, finally know the ultimate way to calculate the exact fabric consumption you will need, without the stress of buying too little fabric or wasting money on buying too much fabric.

-How to adjust an adjustable mannequin to the client’s measurements and how to pad any dress form to your true client's body shape.

NOTE: an adjustable mannequin or a mannequin at all, are NOT necessary for this course. However, you will learn about it to have this knowledge for the future. And not just that, you will also learn interesting high-fashion tricks and tips of how to adjust a standard/adjustable mannequin for any dramatic/different body shape and curves- No matter what kind of a mannequin you have. 

-AND the most importantly, with all this knowledge, and all the tools you get in this course you will be able to sew remotely and accept far away clients, so no matter in what world we are living, you can still have VERY HIGH INCOMES.



Having pattern making skills when sewing dresses is amazing, but not always necessary, what if you can just take any base pattern and know how to perfectly adjust it to your client's measurements? Using one standard pattern and making multiple dresses by making some small changes, isn't it amazing?
Using the techniques learned by Jehan, you will know exactly how to find the most important lines on your pattern (bust, hips, waist) and how to altern your pattern according to your client's measurements, make it bigger or smaller. Whether you use a graded pattern or a basic pattern. And.. if you have wondered how to choose the right size for your pattern when working with a lycra fabric- Jehan will show you this as well). 

We will show you the secret techniques used by the top haute couture houses in this industry, and you can apply them immediately and create both simple and complicated luxury gowns with CONFIDENCE.. 

All you need to thrive is a simple, step-by-step insider to The Real Couture Way Of Making Beaded Garments

GET LIFETIME ACCESS To Discover The Entire Process Of Sewing This Luxury Beaded Skirt Professionally and scale your business TODAY

For just 39$ 345$ today ONLY, get SO MUCH more than what you get in the free Masterclass, Including the full video lessons of making the beaded skirt of the Masterclass step-by-step from start to finish, high-value bonuses, and top techniques for sewing with beaded fabrics taught by Jehan Mir, The Expert British Couturier Behind Spectacular Dresses for The TOP Fashion & Haute Couture Houses In The World. Jehan Mir will show everything from you how to work with one of the most sought-after couture fabrics by clients to make the entire garment, and will take all your fears out! 



The Couturier Behind Some Of The Finest Dresses For



Couture Masterclass 


Getting Your Digital Pattern Ready

The easiest way to print and prepare any digital PDF patterns you buy or receive online, step by step. Get our Free Couture Skirt PDF Pattern and Start the Masterclass with Jehan!


Tools and Materials- Secret Guide

Industry secrets and recommendations about the tools and materials to make the perfect beaded garment


Ironing A Beaded Tulle Fabric

Why and Exactly How to steam and iron your delicate fabrics before cutting- and How to Treat A Beaded Fabric while ironing and steaming without causing any damage.

BONUS #1- Steaming and ironing lycra and plain tulle 


Preparing and Cutting A Beaded Fabric

-The Absolute Best technique to lay out your fabric layers and pattern pieces to achieve an accurate pattern and perfect fit for your client (while significantly reducing fabric consumption).

-The high couture way to mark, add seam allowances and cut a beaded fabric. Eliminate any fear and learn the proper way to cut your fabric with confidence.


Getting a Highly Secured Garment

A secret technique to secure your beaded tulle fabric to make sure your client will get the highest quality. PLUS, a kept Runway secret to achieving a "Lining- Free/Sheer"' look without any lining, but still creating modesty. Your next client will absolutely LOVE YOU for that.


Having A Beaded Skirt Ready For First Fitting

When it comes to your time and money, you want to make sure you don't waste it, for you or for your client. Learn the ultimate way to have your garment ready and zip secured for your first fitting when it comes to beaded fabric.


Preparing and Sewing Any Lining

Discover the entire process of preparing and sewing you lining plus industry secrets for seamless results



Working with a beaded fabric might be Intimidating for many dressmakers, as it is not straightforward to sew and some preparations are required. You will learn the exact  easy-to-follow  technique, step-by-step, to prepare your beaded fabric for sewing in your machine. No more breaking needles, NO MORE FRUSTRATIONS INVOLVED


Sewing Your Beaded Skirt Pieces Together

How to sew your beaded tulle in the sewing machine- even if you have never done it before.
Plus, a Secret bonus technique to stitch a beaded tulle which gives the highest finishing and seamless results. Your clients would BE AMAZED!

Then you will learn The High Couture Way to attach the lining to your sheer garment, with industry secrets to get the perfect clean look that stands out without any lining moving around from the inside.


Luxurious Shorts Finishing

How to make the perfect finishing for your shorts that gives a luxurious look to your final garments.


Luxurious Skirts Finishing

How to get the FINEST FINISHING for your luxury garment, So you will be proud to deliver it to your client.


Use discoune code 39MASTER at checkout



Appliqué Work best practice 

Full incredible bonus lesson- The GOLDEN WAY to cover any mistakes without anyone noticing + creating a richer look to your garments with beautiful flowers motives.

Bonus value:


Preparing and Sewing lycra shorts

Learn how to make the shorts ready, which is the most popular "lining" nowadays. Discover how to treat and cut a lycra fabric, adding seam allowances and pinning the pattern together for sewing. And if you prefer a 'skirt' lining layer, or both, we got you covered as well.

Bonus value:


Amazing Discount On The Skirt Fabric

25% off on the beaded tulle of the Masterclass for students (the fabric is made to order and can be customized in color and materials).

Bonus value: YOU SAVE AT LEAST 90$ 


Jehan Mir

Expert couturier who has Made Iconic Gowns for The Top Fashion Houses in the world, Hollywood Celebrities and Red Carpets

After she graduated in Fashion Studies with Honours from The London College of Fashion -at the beginning of her career- And after years of experience, owning her own fashion house and filling Top Position, including: Senior Couturier, Tailor & fitter, Atelier Manager, Creative Pattern cutter and more, at some of The Most Reputable Fashion Houses in this industry, such as Alexander McQueen, Gucci, Ralph & Russo, Christopher Kane, Elizabeth Emanuel, Victoria Beckham, Vera Wang…. And many more.

She has gained a strong knowledge of design, pattern cutting and garment construction, needed for Making bespoke bridal and evening wear from scratch. Specialized in working with different kinds of fabrics including with Appliqué, beading, embellishment and embroidery. And developed a perfect understanding of how clothes should fit the body, accommodating people of all shapes and sizes to satisfy their needs.
With all these skills she's created the finest couture gowns in the highest standards requested by Hollywood celebrities, royalties and A-list clients.

And Now she is Impassioned and Happy to Share All These Precious Knowledge, Indusrty Secrets and Skills with You.


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