The Making of A Couture
Beaded Skirt

If You Have Ever Wanted To Know How To Create Beaded Garments Professionally And Be Crystal Clear On The Entire Process When Done Properly And Without It Being A Nightmare- This Masterclass Is For You

Whether you are a sewing newbie who has never worked with this kind of fabric before and have only basic knowledge in sewing..

Or you are an experienced dressmaker who takes a step back whenever it comes to sewing beaded fabrics.. and you keep losing high-paying clients..


Instructed fully by the leading couturier, Jehan Mir, behind some of the finest dresses for Gucci, Elie Saab, Ralph and Russo, Vera Wang, and many others.
By teaching her unique easy-to-follow techniques, Jehan helped thousands of our students get out of their fears and gain 100% confidence to sew beaded fabrics professionally.

Check what's inside this Masterclass below- and click the button to enroll in -and let's get started.

Remember, it is not about sewing with delicate fabrics- it is about mastering your couture skills and thriving in the high-fashion world! 

Who is this course for

  • Absolute beginners- Who have just learned basic sewing and have the passion to learn the best-kept secrets of making a beaded garment and become an EXPERT in a short time. 
  • Advanced- For experienced dressmakers who have never worked with beaded garments or find it difficult, overwhelming, and are looking for those industry techniques, tools, and knowledge that will give them speed and accuracy and will take their skills to the next level.
  • Anyone who wants TO LEARN HOW A REAL COUTURE BEADED SKIRT IS MADE in the Biggest Fashion & Haute Couture houses in the world. All that is required is a passion & basic knowledge of sewing and clothing construction. 

What's included 

  • In-depth Master Course
  • Format- Step-by-step from start to finish
  • 8+ hours of on-demand video lessons
  • Extra materials- Key forms, cheat sheets (PDF), exercises, downloadable pdf patterns (+instructions)
  • Language- English

High-hand knoewledge

  • Learn it all from a leading couturier with 20+ years of experience who has made a name for herself and has worked with A-list clients and top houses.
  • Completion certificate 



Getting Your Digital Pattern Ready

The easiest way to print and prepare any digital PDF patterns you buy or receive online, step by step. Get our Free Couture Skirt PDF Pattern and Start the Master Course with Jehan!



Tools and Materials- Secret Guide

Industry secrets and recommendations about the tools and materials to make the perfect beaded garment


Ironing A Beaded Tulle Fabric

Why and Exactly How to steam and iron your delicate fabrics before cutting- and How to Treat A Beaded Fabric while ironing and steaming without causing any damage.

BONUS #1- Steaming and ironing lycra and plain tulle 


Preparing and Cutting A Beaded Fabric

-The Absolute Best technique to lay out your fabric layers and pattern pieces to achieve an accurate pattern and perfect fit for your client (while significantly reducing fabric consumption).

-The high couture way to mark, add seam allowances and cut a beaded fabric. Eliminate any fear and learn the proper way to cut your fabric with confidence.


Getting a Highly Secured Garment

A secret technique to secure your beaded tulle fabric to make sure your client will get the highest quality. PLUS, a kept Runway secret to achieving a "Lining- Free/Sheer"' look without any lining, but still creating modesty. Your next client will absolutely LOVE YOU for that.



Having A Beaded Skirt Ready For First Fitting

When it comes to your time and money, you want to make sure you don't waste it, for you or for your client. Learn the ultimate way to have your garment ready and zip secured for your first fitting when it comes to beaded fabric.

When it comes to your time and money, you want to make sure you don't waste it, for you or for your client. Learn the ultimate way to have your garment ready and zip secured for your first fitting when it comes to beaded fabric.


Preparing and Sewing Any Lining

Discover the entire process of preparing and sewing you lining plus industry secrets for seamless results



Working with a beaded fabric might be Intimidating for many dressmakers, as it is not straightforward to sew and some preparations are required. You will learn the exact  easy-to-follow  technique, step-by-step, to prepare your beaded fabric for sewing in your machine. No more breaking needles, NO MORE FRUSTRATIONS INVOLVED


Sewing Your Beaded Skirt Pieces Together

How to sew your beaded tulle in the sewing machine- even if you have never done it before.
Plus, a Secret bonus technique to stitch a beaded tulle which gives the highest finishing and seamless results. Your clients would BE AMAZED!

Then you will learn The High Couture Way to attach the lining to your sheer garment, with industry secrets to get the perfect clean look that stands out without any lining moving around from the inside.


Luxurious Shorts Finishing

How to make the perfect finishing for your shorts that gives a luxurious look to your final garments.


Luxurious Skirts Finishing

How to get the FINEST FINISHING for your luxury garment, So you will be proud to deliver it to your client.

It’s time to get out of the cycle of struggles involved in the work with beaded fabrics (or stop avoiding them altogether).


Learn the making the beaded skirt of the Masterclass step-by-step, high-value bonuses, and top techniques for sewing with beaded fabrics taught by Jehan Mir, The Expert British Couturier Behind Spectacular Dresses for The TOP Fashion & Haute Couture Houses In The World. Jehan Mir will show you how to work with one of the most sought-after couture fabrics by clients and will take all your fears out! 


BONUS: Free Digital PDF couture skirt and shorts patterns are included!



Appliqué Work best practice 

Full incredible bonus lesson- The GOLDEN WAY to cover any mistakes without anyone noticing + creating a richer look to your garments with beautiful flowers motives.

Bonus value:


Preparing and Sewing lycra shorts

Learn how to make the shorts ready, which is the most popular "lining" nowadays. Discover how to treat and cut a lycra fabric, adding seam allowances and pinning the pattern together for sewing. And if you prefer a 'skirt' lining layer, or both, we got you covered as well.

Bonus value:


Amazing Discount On The Skirt Fabric

25% off on the beaded tulle of the Masterclass for students (the fabric is made to order and can be customized in color and materials).

Bonus value: YOU SAVE AT LEAST 90$ 


FROM WORKING with The Most Prestigious Fashion & Haute Couture Houses in The World such as Elie Saab, Alexander McQueen, Gucci, Ralph & Russo, Vera Wang and many others… TO making Iconic Evening and Bridal Wear with the finest techniques for Celebrities, Royals and VIP Clients to the Highest Standard.

Jehan Mir

The Couturier Behind Iconic 6 Figure Dresses

She started as a passionate fashion entrepreneur with the goal in mind to achieve the perfect fit of a bespoke garment, as she well understood that this can make every client feel Confident & Alluring.

Jehan was fortunate enough to use her mother's seamstress skills who taught her from a very young age to make her own clothes. Later, she honed her skills at the prestigious London College of Fashion, and continued and mastered her skills while working for British bridal boutiques.

Since then Jehan has established her own Fashion House 'Jehan Couture’; She has made couture garments that are PERFECTLY shaped and fitted to compliment the individual style, colouring and personality of the person it is designed and made for.

And today, 20+ years later, her resume has become like an 'A-list' of Famous Fashion & Haute Couture Houses, Overseas Royalty, Aristocrats, Top Celebrities, as well as Industry Moguls, who she has made luxury dresses for IN THE HIGHEST STANDARD

In the various Top Position she has filled throughout her career, including: Senior Couturier, Tailor & fitter, Atelier Manager, Creative Pattern cutter and more, at some of The Most Reputable Fashion Houses in this industry, such as Alexander McQueen, Gucci, Ralph & Russo, Christopher Kane, Elizabeth Emanuel, Victoria Beckham, Vera Wang…. And many more.

She has gained a strong knowledge of design, pattern cutting and garment construction, needed for Making bespoke bridal and evening wear from scratch. Specialized in working with different kinds of fabrics including Appliqué, beading, embellishment and embroidery. And developed a perfect understanding of how clothes should fit the body, accommodating people of all shapes and sizes to satisfy their needs.
With all these skills she's created the finest couture gowns in the highest standards requested by Hollywood celebrities, royalties and A-list clients 

All you need is a simple, step-by-step insider to The Real Couture Way
Of Making Beaded Garments

This is how you Become an Expert In The Making of Highly Sought After Evening Dresses

Discover The Entire Process Of Sewing This Luxury Beaded Skirt Professionally

“Clients are obsessed with beaded and sequined fabrics.

But working with delicate fabrics has always scared me…”

We hear it all the time. And we hear you.

You might have tried, and Spent hours and hours on solving problems such as tons of needle breaking, buckling, poorly fitted garments and so many more.

Or worse than that.. you choose to completely avoid working with delicate fabrics, and you are giving up on potential extremely high-paying clients out there that are looking for these glamorous dresses.

All because of a lack of confidence..

...But what if you were told that there is a simple way to sew with delicate fabrics such as beaded lace?

And what if you had PROVEN techniques and exact methods to create beaded garments professionally and precisely, so you will be able to finally make bridal and evening dresses you have always wanted with CONFIDENCE.

Removing this major success block of working with delicate fabrics is the best thing you can do for successfully breaking into the bridal and evening dress world and THRIVE.

And it does not matter if you are an experienced dressmaker who is struggling for years, or a sewing newbie who is looking to skip all this and have PROVEN and easy-to-follow techniques and methods needed to create beaded garments professionally. You can get it all today!

And a little secret..

You don’t need to be a sewing genius, a top couturier, or Elie Saab himself to make beaded garments professionally in the way that makes you fall in love with the process.



Become specialize in working with delicate beaded fabrics. No more unnecessary fear of working with delicate couture fabrics- the golden way to break into the bridal and evening dress world and gain high-paying clients.

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