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Establishing a successful High fashion brand in the fashion industry is a long process, in this process one should always keep improving his skills, learning new techniques and expand his knowledge to be able to adjust his work to the standards which this Industry demands.

The GHF Couture Master Premium Program is the ultimate online program for sewing beginners and advanced dressmakers who want to transform their couture skills &break into the bridal and evening dress world LIKE A PRO .

Instructed by the Expert couturier, Jehan Mir, who has Made Iconic Garments for The Top Fashion Houses in the world, Hollywood Celebrities and Red Carpets. In this in-depth comprehensive program, students will learn how to sew a luxury dress, couture corset, beaded skirt and more to the highest standards from start to finish. But it is so Much More than that, we will walk them through the ENTIRE journey with their Bespoke client, from closing the deal, to taking measurements with confidence, altering the pattern, making fittings, adjustments and so MUCH MORE. Including all the industry techniques and tricks that will give them accuracy and time savings so they will get all the confidence they need to take their High fashion business they have or they dream about to the next level.

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Glam House Fabrics

Glam House Fabrics is an online store for couture beaded fabrics that connects with fashion designers and dressmakers from around the world to help them achieve the Masterpieces they dream of.

Our expertise is to create breathtaking & exclusive embellished handmade designs with our unique techniques, finest materials and great attention to the smallest details. We aim to be the perfect solution for every fashion designer, dressmaker, and fashion lover who wishes to bring to his designs exclusivity and uniqueness with our finest embellished fabrics.

We are on a mission to bring to your creations the highest class of the couture world, not only with our fabrics but also with fashion education from Leader couturiers and experts who make dresses to the highest standards. So YOU WILL MASTER YOUR SKILLS and be able to create designs that are One of a Kind & Stand Out in the fashion world.

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