Affiliate Q&A

 1. How much do I earn?

The more students enroll in our Couture Master Course using your affiliate link the more you earn.

In our Affiliate Program, you get 30% on every sale!


2. How and when do I get paid?

We pay your commission once in a month by PayPal. We will hold every commission for 45 days after the sale was made to allow a refund period, so if the day of payment comes and you have sales that were made before 45 days were completed you will get the commission on them on the following month. Should a sale be refunded within the 45 day refund period, no commissions will be paid for that particular sale.
In case of refunds after 45 days, or after you have got your payment, the amount will be automatically deducted for future payments.

3. How do you know when I refer someone to your Master Course?

When you join our affiliate program, you get an affiliate unique link, we use a cookie to track clicks on your affiliate links. It tells us when a student enrolls in our Master Course after she clicks on your affiliate link. We allowed 60 days cookies tracking! It means that the student can click on your link and decide to enroll after 60 days- and you will still get your commission (:

4. What’s your referral cookie policy?

If a referred visitor to our Master Course page (or any trackable page on our store) doesn’t convert, you can still earn commission if they return and enroll the Master Course within 60 days (and haven’t deleted their cookies).

5. How can I promote your Master Course?

We love to make it easy for you to promote our Master Course so you will not have to make any copywriting/designing work to create promotional materials.
On your affiliate dashboard you will find marketing materials you can use: swipe file copy, social media images, testimonials, banners, video links and more

Some great platforms you can promote it and earn money:
- Send to your emailing list
-Social media: Facebook posts, Instagram, Pinterest
- Blog post
- Facebook Groups (which are related to sewing and fashion design)
- YouTube video
- Answer and question sites like Quora
- Share it with your friends on WhatsApp
- and more


Have more questions?
We happy to answer any questions, feel free to email us at: