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Learning the entire process with a bespoke client and industry top couture sewing techniques
and working methods for bridal and evening wear.

 From A Leading Couturier behind Spectacular Dresses for Top Fashion Houses in the world,
Hollywood Celebrities and Red Carpets events.


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Making The Perfect Beaded Gown

Establishing a successful high fashion brand in the fashion industry is a long process, in this process once should always keep improving his skills, learning new techniques and expand his knowledge to be able to adjust his work to the standards which this Industry demands.

We found that many dressmakers (fashion designers and seamstress) who are professionals or they are just learning how to sew, don't know the right techniques when it comes to working with beaded fabrics, corsetry and real couture making in general. This is why they feel insecure in their ability to make a custom beaded garment for clients so they will get EXACTLY what they want. And while beaded garments have a high demand in the couture world, they ending up losing many high-paying clients, and struggle to take their designs to the next level. Actually, all they need to do is to learn the right techniques and industry secrets, and they will find out that making beaded garments doesn't have to be a 'full of struggles' process and they CAN get a TOP quality luxury garment with The Perfect fit.

In this in-depth comprehensive course, students will learn how to sew a luxury beaded dress professionally from start to end with a transparent corset. But it is so Much More than that, we will walk them through the ENTIRE journey with their Bespoke client, from closing the deal, to taking measurements with confident, altering the pattern, making fittings, adjustments and so MUCH MORE. Including all the industry techniques and tricks that will give them accuracy and time savings so they will get all the confident they need to take their high fashion business they have or they dream about to the next level.


A tiny glance to the modules which will be included in the course


Theoretical lessons about haute couture and bridal dresses making, beaded dresses making. AND The secret recommendation guide for the perfect and most useful materials, tools and equipment you need for creating the highest quality haute couture dress and corset. Find everything you have always wanted to knowabout the right materials to work with, their qualities & where to find them.



Jehan Mir

Expert couturier who has Made Iconic Garments for The Top Fashion Houses in the world, Hollywood Celebrities and Red Carpets

She started as a passionate fashion entrepreneur with the goal in mind to achieve the perfect fit of a bespoke garment, as she well understood that this can make every client feel Confident & Alluring. Jehan was fortunate enough to use her mother's seamstress skills who taught her from a very young age to make her own clothes. Later, she honed her skills at the prestigious London College of Fashion, and continued and mastered her skills while working for British bridal boutiques. Since then Jehan has established her own Fashion House 'Jehan Couture’; She has made couture garments that are PERFECTLY shaped and fitted to compliment the individual style, colouring and personality of the person it is designed and made for.

And today, 20+ years later, her resume has become like an 'A-list' of Famous Haute Couture Houses, Overseas Royalty, Aristocrats, Top Celebrities, as well as Industry Moguls, who she has made luxury dresses for IN THE HIGHEST STANDARD

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    You are going to share with them the pre-launch free Masterclass- in this Masterclass (which is completely free) The Couturier behind 6 figure dresses, Jehan Mir, will go in-depth with them about working with beaded fabrics including the actual practice (!) and will teach them secret tips and tricks so they going to master their skills- they are going to love it! We promise! So even if they will not enroll to the paid Masterclass, they will be grateful to you for sharing this with them.  
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  • You help your audience solve a real problem they deal with- Many dressmakers (fashion designers and seamstress) who are professionals or they are just learning how to sew, don't know the proper techniques when it comes to working with beaded fabrics and making luxury dresses to the highest standard. This is why they feel insecure in their ability to make a custom beaded garment for clients so they will get EXACTLY what they want. And while beaded garments have a high demand in the couture world, they ending up losing many high-paying clients, and struggle to take their designs and business to the next level.
  • So far, there is no online Masterclass which dive in deep to the world of beaded fabrics the entire jorney with a bespoke client. 
  • The feedbacks are amazing- So far, our pre-launch is doing amazingly well, and we get great feedbacks.

What studentS will get in this Masterclass

When Joining This Masterclass Students Will Get

  • A LIFETIME ACCESS- unlimited access to this course
  • 23 Modules, over 250 video lessons, 1 time learning experience from the Expert Couturier and Celebrities Dressmaker Jehan Mir.
  • Learning how to sew step by step, from start to end, the Bespoke Beaded Dress of the course with the Perfect Fit and Luxurious Finishing.
  • Discovering EVEYTHING about how to deal with clients, with confidence; closing the deal, taking the order, taking measurements the right way, making fittings, adjustments, alterations ...- Till they deliver a top quality dress with the perfect fit to clients.
  • Learning the ultimate way, including ALL the steps, to make a REAL COUTURE transparent bodysuit corset which is widely used in bridal and evening dresses.
  • Learning different techniques and approaches they have to know when sewing beaded tulles, including different hand sewing techniques  for becoming an expert in working with delicate fabrics. This knowledge is not learned in Any Fashion School.
  • We are launching our limited time Live Program- when they enroll the course these limited days of launch they are automatically a part of it! no extra charge. In this special program they get 4 weekly Live Webinars with Jehan Mir to personally learn from her all the most kept secrets! (worth 720$).

They will also get these amazing free bonuses when they enroll during the launch

  • Digital and Optitex Couture Dress Pattern (Bonus value: 180$)
  • Digital and Optitex Corset +Bodysuit Patterns (Bonus value: 250$)
  • Beading & Embroidery Training (Bonus value: 110$)
  • Game Changer In Fashion Design- The secret to create any kind of structured decoration as made by The Biggest fashion designers (Bonus value: 205$)
  • Amazing Discout On The Dress Fabric (SAVING AT LEAST 90$) 
  • Permanent Discount On Our Beaded Tulles for 1 Year (Bonus value: PRICELESS)
  • High-Fashion Business Guidebook (Bonus value: 65$)
  • Life time access to 'The Top Industry Techniques and Tips About SEWING WITH BEADED FABRICS '- MASTERCLASS training about sewing couture beaded skirt. (Bonus value: 345$)

"This course gave me all the insights and everything I needed to make these dresses as perfect as they can be.. ..you are getting first hand knowledge from a designer who has done it all.."

Shawna Marino, Wedding and Bridal designer at Shawna Marino M Designs


  • Beginners who learned basic sewing and have the passion to learn the most kept secrets in couture dressmaking and become an EXPERT in a short time. 
  • Professional dressmakers who work on an automat pilot, their clients are not fully satisfied, and they constantly feel frustrated when things are not done properly. They are looking for those industry techniques, the tools and knowledge which will give them the speed and accuracy and will take their skills to the next level.
  •  Those who want a Master Experience in which they learn how luxury dresses are made in the biggest fashion houses in the world such as: Ralph and Russo, Alexander Mcqueen, Gucci and more.
  • Young and proffesional dressmakers who are serious about growing their business not just by having the top set of skills but also the knowledge of how to professionally handle the beautiful journey with their clients- and with Confident.

Watch the Masterclass launch video

Just notify us and we will send you a private link to watch!

Fashion Industry Colleagues And Clients Say about Jehan

"I have known Jehan Mir for several years both personally and professionally, and I was extremely impressed with the quality of her work and her overall professionalism. Mir, not only has the ability to interpret her client's needs but also manages to bring her own creativity and idea to the design she is making. HER DRESS MAKING SKILLS ARE METICOLOUS. I would have no hesitation to recommending her as a fashion designer/dressmaker to anyone..."

Ahlya Fateh


"I worked alongside Jehan few years ago, and in such short time she proved such an invaluable asset and appointed for some of Rafael's top clients and Showpieces. Jehan has a PROVEN TRACK record and I have no reservations in giving her my full recommendation..."

Emilio de la Morena


"Having shopped at high end stores such as Harrods boutiques, I always return to Jehan Mir for her personal touch and high-quality professionalism. Jehan made numerous designs for me all made to the HIGHEST LEVEL. Jehan has impeccable attention to detail and understaffing of made-to-measure clothing like NO OTHER.."

Miss Naheed Mizra



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