Master Hand Sewing Course


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Unlike basic sewing techniques, during the construction process of a couture garment, a lot of the sewing is done by hand. With hand stitching, you can control the construction of your garment more precisely, get neater results, and go into areas that are narrow or difficult to get into by a sewing machine.

Therefore, hand sewing skills are required, and even unavoidable, in couture making for getting prestigious results.

In this course, you will master your hand sewing skills both the basic stitches and the most used in couture:

V- Running stitch
V-(Invisible) Blind Stitch
V- Hemming stitch
V-Slip stitch
V- Pintuck stitch
V- Cross stitch
V- Whipstitch
V- Overlapping stitch 

By the end of this course, and with some practice, hand sewing will Never Ever Again be an intimidating task. (Warning: you might even fall in love with hand sewing more than you love your machine) , you can be sure you will become an EXPERT who can get luxurious stitches and finishes which your client would love you for. 

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