Hand Beading Masterclass


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Beading, Embroidery, and applique work are one of the most demanded skills to create the bridal and evening dresses clients are looking to wear nowadays.

Having hand-beading skills will allow you to elevate any simple dress and turn it into a luxury Master-Piece.

In this exciting Masterclass, you'll get practice training on hand-beading which is all you need to master it and start creating beautiful beading work. 

V  Learn decorations- with beautiful and easy techniques that will allow you to create 6-figure embellishment gowns using hand needle and thread only.

V  Learn to fill in gaps- once you have completed your beautiful dress to the highest standard, you might find that you have lost some beads along your seams which can happen and there is nothing wrong with it when working with beaded fabrics. You will learn exactly how to fill in any "bald" spaces with additional beads or sequins by hand or re-stitch any loose sequins or beads and decorate your dress to get stunning luxury finishing.
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