LYCRA SHORTS with Hook and Eye Tape Master Course


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If you have tried some evening gowns lately or you have followed the recent trend, you will notice that the inner construction of many gowns is made with not only a corset but a full bodysuit. This little thing is the secret that will get your client much closer to the figure she is dreaming about.

Learn how to create lycra shorts with hook and eye tape, step-by-step from start to finish.

Together with a corset, you can provide your client with a bodysuit that will give her full support of her body.

Remember, your clients don't care how beautiful your dresses are but how they make them LOOK and FEEL when wearing them.

Creating this inner structure properly will do the magic.


Cutting shorts


Overlooking shorts


Sewing shorts pieces together (and pressing seams flat)


Inserting hook and eye tape to shorts crotch (with organza binding)

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