Adjusting An Adjustable Mannequin to The Client’s Measurements MASTERCLASS


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Working with a mannequin is ideal for achieving the perfect fit since you can manipulate it and create the exact shape and figure of the wearer,

and eliminate the stress of having the client present for multiple fittings.

Therefore, this technique is also amazing for remote sewing and working with faraway clients - so no matter in what world we are living, you can still have VERY HIGH INCOMES.

Whether you already have a mannequin or not, having this knowledge for the future is a game-changer. 


Learn the ultimate way to adjust an adjustable mannequin to the client’s measurements and how to pad any dress form to your true client's body shape.


Learn interesting high-fashion tricks and tips on how to adjust a standard/adjustable mannequin for any dramatic/different body shape and curves- No matter what kind of a mannequin you have.

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