The Top Industry Techniques and Tips About SEWING WITH BEADED FABRICS | The Making of a Haute Couture Beaded Skirt


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Learn The Real Couture Way
Of Making Beaded Garments-
And Become an Expert In The Making of Highly Sought After Evening Dresses.

Fully instructed by the Expert British Couturier, Jehan Mir, Behind Expectacular Dresses for The TOP Fashion Houses IN The World, such as Alexander McQueen, Gucci, Ralph & Russo, Christopher Kane, Elizabeth Emanuel AND MANY MORE.

What you will learn in this Masterclass:

1. Getting Your Digital Pattern Ready- The easiest way to print and prepare any digital PDF patterns you buy or receive online, step by step. Get our Free Haute Couture Skirt PDF Pattern and Start the Masterclass with Jehan!

2. Tools and materials- Industry secrets and recommendations about the tools and materials to make the perfect beaded garment

3. Ironing A Beaded Tulle Fabric- Why and Exactly How to steam and iron your delicate fabrics before cutting- and How to Treat A Beaded Fabric while ironing and steaming without causing any damage.

4. Preparing and Cutting A Beaded Fabric- The Absolute Best technique to lay out your fabric layers and pattern pieces to achieve accurate pattern and perfect fit for your client (while saving in fabric consumption).
-The high couture way to mark, add seam allowances and cut a beaded fabric. Eliminate any fear and learn the proper way to cut your fabric with confidence.

5. Getting Highly Secured Garment- A secret technique to secure your beaded tulle fabric to make sure your client will get the highest quality. PLUS, kept Runway secret to achieve a "Lining- Free/Sheer"' look without any lining, but still create modesty. Your next client will absolutely LOVE YOU for that.

6. Having A Beaded Skirt Ready For First Fitting- When it comes to your time and money, you want to make sure you don't waist it, for you or for your client. Learn the ultimate way to have your garment ready and zip secured for your first fitting when it comes to beaded fabric.

7. Preparing and Sewing Shorts and/or Any Lining- Learn how to make the shorts ready which is the most popular "lining" nowadays. 
Discover how to treat and cut a lycra fabric, adding seam allowances and pinning the pattern together for sewing.

And if you prefer a 'skirt' lining layer, or both, we got you covered as well.

8. THE HEART OF THIS MASTERCLASS- Working with a beaded fabric might be Intimidating for many dressmakers, as it is not straight forward to sew and some preparations are required. You will learn the exact easy to follow technique, step-by-step, to prepare your beaded fabric for sewing in your machine. No more breaking needles, NO MORE FRUSTRAIONS INVLOLVED.

9. Sewing Your Beaded Skirt Pieces Together- How to sew your beaded tulle in the sewing machine- even if you have never done it before.
Plus, a Secret bonus technique to stitch a beaded tulle which gives the highest finishing and seamless results. Your clients would BE AMAZED!

Then you will learn The High Couture Way to attach the lining to your sheer garment, with industry secrets to get the perfect clean look which stands out without any lining moving around from the inside.

10. Luxurious Shorts Finishing- How to make the perfect finishing for your shorts which gives luxurious look to your final garments.

11. Bonus | Applicate Work (flowers motives)- Amazing Bonus- The GOLD WAY to cover any mistake without anyone to notice+ Creating a richer look to your garments with beautiful flower motives.

12. Luxurious Skirts Finishing- How to get the FINEST FINISHING for your luxury garment, So you will be proud to deliver it to your client.


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