Made to order handmade fabrics

Every handmade design that we make is inspired by haute couture modern trends and has the uniqueness and personality of its own.

When a fabric you love is marked as "made to order" and is not available in stock (or when you order a bigger quantity than what we have in stock) - it means that once you place your order, we start to create your fabric.
Every order that we create is made with love, expertise and attention to every detail.

Take it to your advantage

If you like to bring to the design some of your personal touch, it is your best opportunity as when we create the fabric especially for you, you can make changes as you wish to the color, design and pattern. Make one of a kind garment that will be exclusively for you.

Important information

MOQ - When a fabric is made to order the minimum quantity is only 3-4 meters which is the average quantity for making one gown.

Leading time - 3-9 weeks from the time you have placed your order.

customization- any change to the design, color and more is possible. It is very important to let us know for any customization at the time of placing your order, so we can discuss about it and include your requirements. Once the fabric production is started, there is no option for changes.

Returns- as we make the fabric just for you, once the production is started there is no option to cancel the order.