Invisible Shoulder Pads Mini Masterclass

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If you have ever looked at luxury dresses pics from runways or social media and felt that something is not 'right' on the total look of the shoulder, you were right- the pads were probably too noticeable.

Designing and bringing to life dresses that have the smartest finishes possible is one of those main things that makes you STAND OUT in the fashion world, that build a strong reputation for your business, by providing the highest quality and luxury look on any aspect of your design.

You will learn a secret technique to create and insert almost invisible shoulder pads which are blended into your dress, so no one can notice they are there.

By understanding this technique, you can be creative and you will know how to find a solution for blending or hiding any other part that should not be seen. Plus, you will learn how to make a Blanket stitch which is another useful hand stitch you might find useful.


Inserting shoulder pads | Everything you need to know


Pads preparations: A secret technique to create an invisible perfect pad


Inserting shoulder pads to dress

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