The golden way to TAKE an order from a client-The Initial Consultation And C L O S I N G The Deal- Mini Master Course

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Most businesses that failed, are those that don't have the exact answers to these types of questions-

How to close the deal? How much should I charge? How much time in advance to take the order? How much to charge in advance? What is a Bespoke client form? How many fittings should I offer??
How to handle the meetings??

If you want to build a successful and stable business, having the perfect set of fashion skills is necessary, but it's not enough.

You must develop your business skills and 'working with client' skills soon enough to really become successful and take your life and business to where you wanted.

This is something we teach all of our students and it is an integral part of our learning experience. Since we are all here to make ourselves successful and leave the life we want.

In this Game Changer mini-course, you'll get all those questions answered and so much more. When you start your Amazing Journey with the client. Jehan will show you EXACTLY:


What to do on the first meeting with your client and how to handle the initial consultation. 


We will discuss EVERYTHING, from the different types of clients, understanding your client's needs, asking the right questions, taking all the information and so much more. THINGS THAT NO ONE WANTS TO TELL YOU


You will learn the single most important thing in your business- get the sales. You will learn Exactly how to close the best deal for you and your client at the RIGHT PRICE FOR YOU. NO MORE compromising on your prices, NO MORE feeling disheartened about your hard work that does not pay off.


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